Thursday, February 26

Most likely to . . . round 2

- Drink a harley gang under the table.
- Date a SPU professor after graduation.
- Date someone who is married.
- Marry a famous athlete.

Thank you, Ashton staff . . .

Note of the Day: Ravi Shankar's 24 min piece from his show in San Francisco is worth the long listen.

Saturday, February 21


Went to sleep last night to yogi ginger tea.
Rolled out of bed this morning to kona coffee and chocolate chip/banana pancakes, made by the lovely miss amy king and myself. 1st east and 1st west eventually crawled to the pancake makers with their outstretched plates and sleepy faces. 25 happy girls, 25 thank yous, 2 happy PAs . . .

You don't get much better than 1e and 1w sister-floor-amazingness.

Note of the Day: 21 in 28.

Wednesday, February 18

6 miles later.

I could barely keep my eyes open in UCOR. Discussing philosophy after I had already been awake for 7.5 hours is not condusive to being alert. However, since I was modeling my sweet, spandex pants, I was forced to continue with my plan to run in the gym.

I started . . . and 6 miles later . . . I finished.

It's like clockwork. Everytime I almost don't work out, but actually do in fact end up working out, I run more than I plan to. Other times, when I tell myself I'm gonna run 10 miles; in reality I run 2.

And now I sit, completely exhausted, listening to Ryan Adams, peeking out at the blue sky that I know is reflecting on an almost waveless Lake Union. On days like this, I wish I could walk down to the shellhouse with 4 other buddies, ask coach if we can borrow the Cherry, and head out for a callous-forming-finger-ripping row. When I see days like this, remember how sweet racing season is, and hear the buzz of the ergs as I walk past Royal Brougham . . . . I miss rowing. But then I remember the early mornings, and vomit-inducing erg tests. This I don't miss.

The time has come to shower and turn myself into a professional looking college student who gets the empowering task of hosting prospective PAs as they sit and sweat themselves into a nervous puddle.

Note of the Day: The needle in a hep lock is small. And doesn't really look like a needle. Be careful when you try to pull one out of a patient's arm.

Sunday, February 15


The equation . . . getting lost to Zoka coffee shop. Borrowed music: Aceyalone and Broken Social Scene (good picks, Jack). Sunday of a three-day weekend. Running highs. WOC 09 anticipation. The occasional glances to a powerpoint on heart failure.

Note of the day: B&O Espresso on Capitol Hill is now a favorite. Crepes, yogi chai, louis gateau, good stuff.

Friday, February 13

Valentine's Day 09

Time for some single sangria . . . .
Some SPU non-alcoholic single sangria . . . .

Note of the Day: Pushing a double-stroller around Queen Anne uses your glutes. (AKA: sore butt).

Thursday, February 12

Numero dos

Note 2 of the day: Mounds of carbohydrates, the Corrs "Breathless", 1e, and a game of "most-likely-too" equals 2 hours of gut-wrenching feasting and laughter.

Turns out that I am most likely to:
- Climb Mt. Everest
- Wear black for the rest of my life
- Go to the Bahamas for my honeymoon
- And be on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuits edition

Thank you, 1st East.

Wednesday, February 11

no title please

Blogging . . . . blog. blog. blog. I do not claim the gift of prose, philosophical phrases, and witty banter (see example A: Joelle Arkin). Instead, welcome to the world of Erin the INFJ. Erin who loves to sleep, works out alot, and eats alot. Welcome to what may be boredom for you . . . but an outlet for me. I don't keep journals well at all, so I could be possibly welcoming you to a blogging world of every-other-month posts. Capiche?

Oh well . . . I will be amusesd.

Note of the day: 1) Wore heels for the first time since summer 2008. And took them off to walk down a hill.