Sunday, March 7

Today I saw a rabbi riding a scooter on the Burke-Gilman. I don't know if that's allowed. I see the most interesting people running on that trail; especially after passing under the I-5 bridge, getting closer to UW. Always a story.

Friday, March 5


Three things.

1) It's officially March, and a countdown to my birthday. 2) I saw a man running barefoot on the Burke yesterday afternoon. I've seen this occasionally; yesterday was the first time I thought, "I'd like to try that." 3)I was literally dragged into playing intramural softball next quarter with my floor and "brother" floor of sorts. My final quarter of college, my last chance to participate in intramurals. This girl has not ever played in any intramurals sports (collegiate: yes, intramural: no). Softball . . . oof. I need to start practicing.