Tuesday, September 22

10 weeks.

10 weeks until 13.1. 10 weeks to fit in a 12 week training program. I usually start training 1-2 weeks late anyways, BUT I'm usually in more of a rested/routined state.

The past two weeks of PA training have not afforded me many days of rest or the luxury of a workout routine. The gym isn't open on weekends, and open from 0700 to 1700 on weekdays. With training all day, this gives me only an hour in the gym before I am forced to run to the shower. Not so, so bad; but after late nights, waking up before 0630 is a toughie. Quite a few days have passed without me on the pavement with my brooks. BUT, I'm trying, correction, making myself. Seattle hills in 10 weeks will not equal a happy two hours of running.

I have a little more than two weeks before I have to register. Hopefully, Erin the Runner will be back in an expedient state. [hopefully].

Saturday, September 19

Faintly as tolls the evening chime, our voices keep tune and our oars keep time.

I live here. I live 1.14 minutes away from the place where this picture was taken. Taken at 9:15 in the morning; still early enough to spot singles and pairs gliding across the water. I could watch them all day. I envy their effortless form, something that evaded me throughout my year of rowing. Reason #1 as to why I was put in the "engine room/power house" seat of an eight. Form is not as important (still very important, really). With 7 others rowing in front and/or behind you, you could afford a small amount of slack in regard to rowing form. A completely different matter in a single, pair, or four. In a single or pair, it's just you and your ability as a rower that keeps you gliding on top of and not into the water.

Still beautiful. I miss it.

Sunday, September 13


My first Sunday in the place I will call home for the next 9 months. I tried to sleep in today. My body needed it after a restless night at Warm Beach. It had other plans.

My window is open right now, and I can hear the cars zooming along Nickerson. This is the first difference I noticed from Ashton. Despite the frequent "zooming," the building is quiet. I can almost picture Kara, Amy, Jeff, Zach, Michael, Sarah, D.D., Lianna, and Jessica perhaps just rolling out of bed on their empty floors. Or maybe still sleeping peacefully, waiting for a later church service. Lynnea and Brian are most definitely up, getting their little families ready for the day. Our last Sunday of being completely alone. I love living on a residence hall floor and soaking up the community that it offers (reason number one for beginning my fourth year in a residence hall), but I also completely love the silence of the emptiness. Yes, a complete calm befor the storm (proverbially, of course).

Fremont awaits. I have just enough time for a trip to Peet's, a quick peruse of the Sunday Market, and a beautiful, sun-bathing walk back to campus.

Have a happy Lord's Day.

Thursday, September 10


I very, very occasionally work in a toy store. Urban Kids Play on the top of QA, nestled in by El Diablo's outside courtyard. This morning, sun-streaked QA was breathtaking and UKP was bustling, with almost a dozen strollers parked outside. UKP is a beautiful store, full of "motion encouragment" toys, organic cotton swaddling cloths, and a plethora of shoes. You won't find batteries or motors here. Instead, the shelves are packed with sidewalk chalk, blocks, scooters, trikes, and Rody's (look them up). I am officially able to fit your child in adorable keens, rompers from See Kai Run (for the new walkers), and strappy Tevas (for the water-walking babies).

Today was storytime with Moonpaper Tent. Pirates, sea creatures, and mermaids ran around the store, looking for the glass sea orb that the tall, bearded wizard had mysteriously lost. While I was on the cash register/shoe fitting side of storytime today, I have spent several a Thursday morning watching Macy and Elly (the store owner's daughters whom I nanny) discover magical medow pumpkins. Did you know that if you take a bite of a medow pumpkin that you can fly just as fast as a medow fairy? You can.

Whenever I nanny Macy and Elly I am against reminded of the magic of action/motion. You won't find television, gameboys, digital toys, or sugar/meat/refined garbage, for the matter, in their house. They encourage active fun. Many park walks, playing "wizard of oz" in the basement (which involves alot of jumping on the bed), tea time at the TeaCup, and hours of book-reading. Snacks consist of fruit, smoothies, almonds, sunflower seeds, cashews, and cheese. Having grown up with a vegetarian (vegan for several years) in my family, I am at home in their house. I used to think that my sisters and I were the only elementary-aged kids around that made their own dried fruit, ate lentils weekly, and was introduced to the scary komboucha animal by thinking it was apple juice (Thanks, Daddy) before I met Macy, Elly, and soon-t0-be little Jax.

Wednesday, September 2


I remembered that I didn't have a "tonight" section as part of my last blog post, even though the title deceptively alluded to one. SO. Here's tonight.

Tonight, I was upstairs, frantically going through my clothes; tossing out things I no longer wanted, stacking clothes to pack up for school. I was also trying on some of my old things (just to see if I wanted it anymore). A little black dress. Ok, yes, I want this. This is when I hear a male voice through my upstair's window. It was asking my neighbor if she knew the owner of the white van parked on the street. I kept hearing voices and then looked out one of our windows to see two police cars with lights flashing parked outside our house. Three police officers, flashlights out, were checking the van. Apparently my dad had forgotten to close the side door and it looked like someone had broken in. Police cars parked outside our house. My parents asleep. Three young police officers. I was needed.

I ran outside in my finery. Asked "Oh hello. Is there a problem?," in the most mature, young-lady voice I could muster. One bright flashlight in my face and a "Oh, good evening, ma'am." Suffice to say, I took care of the situation, bid the police officers good night, and returned indoors. Laura was in the living room, looking outside curiously. She mentioned the fact that she had not wanted to go out there. "Oh, they were super young," I told her. "Really? SHOOT," she said.

Baha. I win.

This morning. Today. Tonight.

This morning as I left for kickboxing, cars were lined up outside of Whitman Elementary. School has started. September. To be 13 again and re-live my early September school days. Now I start school practically in October. No complaining from me though.

This morning I was greeted by an extremely familiar site. Nectarines lining the windowsill in our kitchen. My dad had again found some perfect nectarines right at the end of the season. Summer is still here. While I still eat nectartines at all times of the day; summer is still here. I literally have to stop myself at times throughout the day to make myself count the number of pieces of fruit I have eaten today. There is such as a thing as too much fruit (unfortunately). And today, a perfect necartine paired with plain greek yogurt . . . HEAVEN in a bowl.

This morning, I made myself run after kickboxing. I wrote about a running high a few posts back. Hah. A running low soon hit. I made myself, however, run a moderately paced 4 miles. It's not an option. With a tough 1/2 marathon course looming in front of me, I need to start picking it up. I felt great afterward. 4 more miles tomorrow, and we'll see where we're at. With 1/2 training, along with my new upper body weight workout, I'll hopefully be the ripped Erin I was hoping to be by the end of the summer by the end of November. We'll see.

Today my parents left me all alone to watch Felix pitch a gem of a game against the Angels in box seats. Only 4 tickets. They went with my aunt and uncle. Me, home alone. Determined to make lemonade out of lemons, I decided to use up the crazy amount of leftovers in our fridge. 2 hours later, I had turkey meatballs (gluten-free for laura: rice flour in lieu of bread crumbs) and black bean/rice patties with sesame seeds and yellow thai curry sauce. Topped with tomatoes from our garden, I was in curry heaven. The leftovers of my leftover creation will be my lunch tomorrow. Perfect.