Friday, December 25

be merry.

Be merry. Very merry.

Spent the morning drinking coffee and opening gifts with my family. Went on a Christmas run without my pod. Reality hit me in the face when I found out that I had run my iPod through the washing machine the night before. Shoot. Off to my aunt's and uncle's house in Spanaway. Much food [my uncle's coconut macaroons!] consumption and lounging occurred. An evening of bananagrams rounded out the holiday.

My favorite received gifts: Macrina's Bakery recipe book [containing the recipe for my most favorite muffin of all time], a pillowcase hand-made by my lovely friend, Leah [made of the most comical fabric of all time], and a beautiful pair of earrings from UO [I may never take them off]. My other gifts were also beautiful; my family was too generous.

Merry Christmas! The meaningful reality of this holiday is that Christ was born to save. A wonderful gift of promise! [Luke 2:11]

Tuesday, December 1

sicky icky.

Starting to get sicky. No good. Called in sick to clinical today because I could feel my infectious-ness coming out of my pores. Not a day for me to be holding immunocompromised infants. So instead of holding babies at Children's, I'm working on an 8-hr case study on cystic fibrosis. Oof. Functioned throughout the day quite well. But, now, just hit a wall. A full day of clinical at Garfield High tomorrow bright and early. Oy.

Despite my bothersome throat, egg nog is in the fridge, and lemon-poppy seed muffins in the oven. My turn to host a fall quarter egg nog party and rack up as many domestic points as I can.