Tuesday, October 26

Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

"There's something so universal about that sensation, the way running unites our two most primal impulses: fear and pleasure.

We run when we're scared, we run when we're ecstatic, we run away from our problems and run around for a good time.

And when things look worst, we run the most."

Friday, October 22

running lately.

I love to run. People that know me know that I love to run. It all started my senior year of high school; wandering the halls of Lincoln High School, noticing a advertisement for XC try outs, and trying out. A XC season, a track & field season and a 1/2 and full marathon and I haven't looked back since.

I love to run, love to race. I wouldn't call myself a fanatic though. I am not one of those people who can run 6 or 7 days a week. I am one of those people who has the itch to work out 6 or 7 days a week though.... just not all consisting of pounding the pavement. Cross training, weight training, swimming laps, yoga [sometimes] and of course, running is what keeps me going week by week.

I'm currently training for another 1/2. This will be my 5th 1/2 marathon. I told myself from the beginning that I would never run this one. As a runner in the PNW, I told myself that I didn't need to run this race to call myself a runner. Whelp. I'm running it. 11/28, my dear friend MM, and the Seattle 1/2's hills. Oh well.... I guess it was bound to happen some time or later.

6 miles was on the agenda today. I went out for 7, but only got in 6 because of a] time and b] I was plain tired. To be honest, I'm about 3 [ish\] weeks behind on my usual training schedule what with finally deciding and registering only last week. But, MM and I are in it to finish and have fun. If a sub-2 happens, all the better [I won't be holding my breath though. I'll be saving it for those hills, of course.].

The 6 miles and a full work day have finally caught up with me. A wake up call for kickboxing [oh yeah, I like kickboxing too] will be happening sooner than I'd like.

Sunday, October 17

autumn has always been my favorite

Because I love cold October mornings; waking up and looking out of the faux stained-glass window to my right and seeing the sun filter in through the fleur de lis on my curtains.

I love spending days [like today] walking besides streams, between barns, and on tree-lined gravel roads in the sunshine. I don't mind sipping spiced caramel apple cider afterwards either.

I love drinking cups of tea or french press on my days off, sequestered in sweatshirts and slippers and finishing my stack of summer reading.

I love the excitement of marathon season beginning, the anticipation of races to come, and the motivation of running groups up the UWT steps on a fall evening. I also love running past students on their way home with their laden backpacks, relishing in my current season of zero classwork.

I even love the name autumn itself and used to want to name a future daughter after my favorite season. Who knows... maybe someday,

Happy [beautiful October] Lord's day.

Friday, October 1

two little boys.

I spent my last two evenings with two little boys. These little boys weighed about 1 kilo each. One ate 6 mls every 3 hrs, the other 12 mls other 3 hours. To put things in perspective, a tall coffee [12 ounces] is 360 mls. These little boys were both about 28 weeks old. That's 28 weeks gestation; from conception. Normal gestation [aka: a term infant] is at the minimum 38 weeks. Both little boys, despite their small size, had heart beats that sounded like washing machines. Their little hearts were too immature. They didn't have enough time to close properly. And both little boys were hooked up to dragers [vents]; a 4 inch tube in their trachea breathing for them.

Baby A had soft, black, downy hair; his little eyebrows connecting to his hairline. Every time I lifted the isolette cover, his little eyes squeezed shut. At the same time though, when his eyes opened, I knew he wasn't seeing me. His little tummy was soft and full; he had just started feeds that morning. His mama was sick, and thus, this little guy had no visitors. I was his companion for the night; checking in on him and listening to him every four hours, and feeding him every three.

Baby B was smaller and younger than baby A, but had fewer complications. I would put this little guy on his tummy on a pony [a rolled blanket] and somehow he would find a way to unswaddle himself and sprawl out in his little nest; his arms stretched out over his head, despite the numerous lines holding him in place.

I look at these little micro preemies and am just amazed. These little ones should have been in the womb for about 3.5 more months. But instead, they're outside living and fighting. And keeping me company. I'm spending my day off thinking about them; and wishing I could spend another evening by their bedside [or isolette-side].