Friday, April 29


Candied ginger, a bowl of kettle corn, and a glass of sparkling water on a Friday night. Pair that with my ever-changing netflix queue, and you have a happy girl. I need nights like these.

Wednesday, April 27

My sister is getting married!

I love her to death and couldn't be more excited for her and Luke!

Thursday, April 21

1.26 kilograms

I held 1.26 kilograms to my chest last Saturday. I picked up an extra shift at TG last Saturday, and to my delight, was staffed downstairs in the NICU [lately, I've generally been put in the intermediate care nursery when called in]. I had a generally easy assignment. Two girls, and one precious IUGR baby boy. This little guy was tiny, 1.26 kilos; 2.7 pounds. According to his gestation, he should have been at least a kilo heavier. But he was an IUGR baby. Tiny little boy, with his precious big head [typical IUGR]. I cared for smaller babies before [a 600 gram baby; 0.6 kilos], but this particular little one was 1.26 kilos all by himself [aka. BREATHING all by himself].

I finished this little guy's care time, hooked up his feeding, and settled him in his nest. An hour later, I could hear his little cries from across the room, muffled by the heavy isolette doors. I would open his isolette, and put my hands on him to settle him. One had over his little body, and one hand cupping his head. Preemies do wonderfully with containment of any kind. He settled, and I quietly closed the isolette doors. A few minutes later, he was crying again. This little man should have been sleeping. There really was no reason for him to be awake. I would put my hands on him and settle him, and then he would wake up 20 minutes later.

Finally, I decided that I was going to take this little guy out and hold him. This is a luxury that NICU nurses almost never have time for. Either babies are too sick to be held, or parents and volunteer hold. Holding by nurses generally only happens when we bottle feed babies. As soon as they're done, they're back in their crib, and we're off to the next baby. I found that I had 30 minutes of extra time. Not ideal for holding a baby who depends on an isolette for maintaining their temperature, but I thought this little guy was tough enough. I set up my rocking chair, and took my precious little handful out and settled him on my chest. Babies, especially preemies, LOVE to be held skin-to-skin. They regulate their temperature perfectly, sleep better, and are healthier when held skin-to-skin on a regular basis. However, nurses aren't allowed to hold skin-to-skin. This little guy knew what he wanted though. He burrowed up against my neck, his little body right over my heartbeat. His tiny hand clasped the chain of my necklace. There was no way I was going to move him or take it away from him. He instantly settled, and we rocked for almost an hour. I suddenly found more time to hold him. I was exhausted. I had worked more overtime that week than I had ever worked before. But, I wouldn't have chosen to be anywhere but in that intensive care nursery at that moment; rocking and praying for the precious little boy in my arms.

If you had asked me five years ago, or even 10 months ago if I would have ever wanted to be a "baby nurse", I would have said an emphatic "NO." But as I rocked those 1.26 kilos, I was once again reminded of why I am a nurse. I never knew I would have the capability or desire to care for such a vulnerable population. But it is exactly the population I love, and it is exactly why I love being a nurse.

With two other babies calling my name, I put Mr. 1.26 kilos back in his isolette. He didn't even wake up. He was in a happy, deep, peaceful sleep. I am so blessed to be able to act as "mama" for this little guy for one hour. And five days later, I'm still thinking about those 1.26 kilograms.

Friday, April 15

red curry coconut

Happy tax day! [I got my tax return 4 weeks ago.... whaaat?!]

Yesterday, I had a revelation. The world was illuminated for a few moments. Senses were amplified. I was making red curry coconut noodles. With cups of tea in hand, MM and I made a thai dish that could rival Orrappin on Queen Anne [my favorite Thai joint!]. Here's my list of ingredients:

Coconut oil, ginger, red curry paste, chicken, coconut milk, sweet chili sauce, onion, red pepper, broccoli, rice noodles, and cilantro. Essentially, put these ingredients in one pot in that order. You will not regret this decision. However, I realized I just gave away what could have been quite possibly my super secret recipe to have for the decades to come. Oh well.

After eating hot, delicious noodles, we went to Menchie's for guava tart frozen yogurt. The day could not have gotten better.

I got called in to work at 11p. So I ate these noodles cold at 3am. Just as good.

Thursday, April 14


Empty halls, echoing beeps, bleary eyed residents and fellows, restless little ones, peaceful little ones, ringing phones, beeping pagers, scribbling progress notes, dark rooms, illuminating penlights, 0200 lunches, scrambling at 0500, waiting at 0600, and blissfully sleeping at 0800.

Monday, April 11

An Isaiah 59 Monday

Woke up this morning to sunshine. Sunshine and Isaiah 59. As I finished my Bible study lesson that culminated in Isaiah 59, I was completely entranced by the last seven verses. The gospel message in 7 verses; depicting our Savior like a knight in shining armor. Beautiful words for a beautiful day.

After a quick workout, I caught a bus to Belltown and walked the rest of the way into the heart of downtown. I live only 15 minutes away from Pike Place Market, but only go occasionally; to show out of town friends or on a particular mission to purchase something.Today, I slowed down and literally strolled the market. Ran into two old nursing friends in Le Panier. Bought some of my favorite tea from Market Spice Tea and a piroshky from Piroshky Piroshky. I still remember my first piroshky at the market with my dad on my 13th birthday date. It was also the day I got my ears pierced for the first time. A good day and a good memory.

I'm now sitting on my patio with a mug of my just purchased tea. Off to do something with the huge bunch of basil I bought last week that will go bad soon if I don't use it. I don't know what led me to buy such a big bunch. And then off to Bible study where I will end my day with Isaiah 59. What a blessing to have days off like these.

Friday, April 8

bald cupcakes.

A muffin is nothing but a bald cupcake. I couldn't agree more, Jim Gaffigan. Needless to say, I love muffins. On my birthday, my roommate surprised me with a peach/ginger muffin. It was so incredibly yummy. I knew that I had to somehow recreate it. Today, I almost did. I swapped the peaches for lemons and cranberries.

Lemon juice, lemon zest, chopped ginger, plain yogurt, flour..... I give you the Lemon Cranberry Ginger muffin. I don't think it could be better if I tried. This one is going in the recipe box for keeps. [ignore my alien-skinned looking hand, please]