Tuesday, June 30


Recently read: "The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (Pajamas)," by John Boyne. This book is a short read. After watching the movie a couple of weeks ago, I decided that I needed to read the book. I highly recommend it. Despite the times during both the book and film that I literally felt sick with anger and disgust, the perspective of this book, that of a nine year old German boy, makes this story a WWII allegory like no other.

Recently watched: "Away We Go," directed by Sam Mendes. As a devoted John Krasinski fan, I enjoyed this film. And it made me very aware of the fact that I will still be able to wear at least 3/4 of my wardrobe when I become pregnant.

Recently went: Proctor Farmer's Market (corn empanadas are worth the trip) and the Whole Foods on Westlake. I love this store. While having many ridiculous and overpriced items, I find myself in a trance of wanting to buy everything and can spend at least 10 minutes just looking at their fresh sushi. I went up to Seattle to nanny Nicholas last Saturday evening and stopped by Whole Foods to pick up my dad's favorite Tree Sister's graham cracker cereal. I gave myself more than enough travel time coming from Tacoma and found myself with time to kill before heading over to Interbay. That's ok. I spent my time comparing the many komboucha brands and finding the perfect container of melon and strawberries to purchase.

Recently want: Due to the fact that the ends of my hair are getting lighter and lighter (most likely a sign to give my hair a trim), I have been wanting to "lighten" my entire head. Pros: becoming the redhead I was in junior high. Cons: Ruining my virgin hair. We'll see what wins.

Note of the Day: Had my first valet experience today. I could get used to that.

Monday, June 22

Gluten-free, Dairy-free

My poor little sister.

I've grown up eating rather strange food. I remember being  10 years old and mistaking my dad's home-grown (RAW!) komboucha for apple juice. Just a little terrifying due to the fact that my dad referred to his growing komboucha as an "animal." Now our fridge is packed with GT's bottled komboucha. Still raw, but much easier to take now that it's paired with guava, citrus, and gingerberry. You'll find soy in at least 11 different forms, herbs my dad claims are edible, items literally crawling due to the amount of fiber they contain, bottles upon bottles of Naked juices, and every dairy item you can imagine sitting opposite their soy or rice counterpart. 

My dad has been a vegetarian for the past 11 years, and spent at least 3 of them being completely vegan. My mother and I are the only "dairy-eaters" of the family. Joelle and Laura are lactose intolerant (there's our Jewish/Middle Eastern heritage for you) and my dad eats very limited amounts of dairy due to his allotted daily fat intake (there's his chronic pancreatitis for you). Thus, our fridge carries a multiplicity of items. I did not think our fridge could hold stranger, more variable items. Until now . . . 

My poor little sister. For the past two years, Laura has complained of "not feeling well" at random times. She eliminated dairy from her diet, which alleviated some of the problems. She began eating a dairy-free AND gluten-free diet two and a half weeks ago, and is now symptom free. Poor Laura. She has been living off of bananas, chicken, juice, and craisins. Until now. We are now headed full force into providing little Laura with various gluten-free options. Tapioca loaf, brown rice bread, corn cereals. The list goes on. I made soy and corn nachos for her before she left for work, and from the empty plate left in the kitchen, I think they were a hit. I'm in the process of making chocolate (gluten-free!), peanut butter, oatmeal cookies for her, without milk or butter. They'll be good . . . . I just know it.

Laura is feeling much, much better and now our fridge could be the poster-child for Marlene's, Whole Foods, MacGregor's, Tacoma Boys, and the Tacoma Farmer's Market. The only downside: I now finally have another competitive fruit eater in the house. I'm going to have to start hiding my nectarines.

Note of the Day: Walking to the 72nd street Starbucks is not the same as walking to Cafe Fiore by Kerry Park on QA.

Saturday, June 20


I am currently a bum. Good? I say yes.

I found out that I don't start my job at TG until July 6th. At first I was a little bummed . . . I'm a big fan of making money. Bum-life, AKA doing whatever the heck I want, is my alternative. $2 a day for coffee, one tank of gas, my running shoes, and TIME. Time to be a bum. Like today. Woke up sleep deprived because I wanted to. Coffee, sneaked some of my dad's precious Whole Food's graham cracker cereal, and headed out the door to the Y. Saw LJ for the first time in 9 months. Made my day. For LJ, I would add an extra $5 to my daily budget to hang out with him on a Friday night. Sweated through one t-shirt. I know; gross. Home. Raided my fridge, literally tossing things into a pan as I came across them. Chicken, bell pepper, bean sprouts, green onion, peas, shredded broccoli, tomato, and cilantro. Weird? I say no. 

Now. Off to Puyallup to hang out with an old bud, spend my $2 on coffee, and try to break in some new boots I just got from Urban. UrbanXchange, that is. Went through my closets the other day and lugged down a couple bags of clothes. $70 of credit later, I'm a happy camper.

Tonight. Earning domestic points by making  lemon chiffon pie for my dad for Father's Day. Sweet? I say yes.

Note of the Day: Want to see "The Brother's Bloom" soon? Call me.