Saturday, April 24


Hopped a bus to head downtown late yesterday morning. Needed an hour or two away from campus. Also needed an excuse to buy things. Having been on an unintentional no-purchasing-clothes streak since the first of Jan, I felt completely justified. That and the fact that I have discovered some holes and general rattiness on some of my favorite sweaters and cardigans.

At Nordy's, I discovered that I had left my debit card with my VM ID badge hanging on my stethescope in my room. Blah. Not one to carry cash on me, I was bummed. But, aha.... I found $$ from my recent nanny adventure in my wallet; I was saved. One more quick stop at Urban, and I was done. A chunky pale blue sweater and a luxuriously soft electric teal cardigan.

Today, I'm spending a close-to-home day. Mountains and mountains of studying to do today. I may venture out to Bustle's back corner, but can't think that far ahead yet. First, I'm letting my oatmeal digest in my tummy... and then 10 miles out in this brisk, non-rainy Seattle day.

Wish me luck.

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