Thursday, April 30


My day has been made.

I went to bed late last night, finishing up a paper that did not want to be written. Woke up this morning at 6:30am, forced to shower in order to turn myself into a professional. Walked to class that is held far to early every Monday and Thursday. Sat in class for an hour, discussing how swine flu is not as scary as it seems and how vital our liver is (our organ of metabolism!). Had a lovely walk to the Grinder with Miss Julia Hoyt during our first 10-min break. Was given the gift of a double tall americano by my lovely friend. Then...


Hoyt washed the Grinder with her coffee. With a little, "Oh," and a big splash, 12 ounces of coffee went EVERYWHERE . . .

10 minutes later, we walk back to class in the sunshine. Come to class 5 minutes late. But, never mind. Hoyt made my day by not only buying me coffee, but by spreading her coffee joy to a few others (and the floor) too . . . . here's to you, Julia Grace Henry Hoyt. From Erin Elizabeth Warren Arkin . . . .

Note of the Day: Water is better with nuun any day.

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