Saturday, May 16

Chacos on my feet.

Chacos on my feet, timbuk2 on my back, shades on my eyes, hair down my back; looking out over Magnolia Hill. There's a beautiful spot, if you walk out of the Ashton parking lot and continue straight for about 1/2 a mile, where you can look out over Interbay, Elliot Bay, and the road that goes straigt up Magnolia Hill. I shudder to remember running up that hill 3 years ago during land training. I absolutely love this spot. I walk it everytime I go see Nicholas.

Nicholas is now a two-year old. He communicates well for using only the words "num num" (milk), "ice" (water), "mommy," "daddy," "doggie," "buh bye," and "no." He loves to sit on my lap and read Dr. Seuss, watch Curious George, and listen to me sing "Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car." I gave him a mohawk today. After dumping his bowl of chocolate yogurt on his head, I washed out his hair and couldn't help giving him a chic style. I am not biased when I say he is one of the most prescious little kids I've seen. Maybe just a little biased . . . especially when he calls me "E." A highlight of my weekend.

Weekend(s) have seemed to daunting to me. And lonely. I went for a 5 mile run in the sun this morning, grabbed coffee with a best friend, and studied for not long enough. Still, for some reason, I've still felt so alone. I want to be home home. In my room, watching Laura text on her bed while listening to Ne-Yo. Or at the dining room table, listening to Joelle debate about theological doctrine with my mom. Or in the living room, watching my dad fall asleep in his chair with one of his Whole Foods suckers still in his mouth. Or in the backyard, by myself, listening to Ravi Shankar on the patio with patchouli incense. The summer will come soon enough, and I'll most likely find myself longing for my life back in Seattle, minus school, stress, and nights of duty.

Duty is where I'm at right now. Listening to African jimbays, eating a cranberry scone the lovely Miss Jessica Taylor made for me, and not looking forward to the 4 hours of studying that must happen. The first of my final four nights of duty in Ashton Hall. On to Emerson.

Emerson will be an adventure. One that is sure to be full of joy, stress, laughter, and tears. Joy and laughter from spending another year as a PA, surrounded by absolutely beautiful people. Stress and tears from three days of clinical a week, and fighting the fear of being a senior nursing major in the res halls. Still a little scared. But working on it.

It, turning into the studying that I must now do.

Note of the Day: If I could eat anything right now, it would be pita, hummus, falafel, and tahini sauch. Or a spicy tuna roll. Or a raspberry pear bubble tea. Or a ginormous bowl of pudding.

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  1. Hi! I just found your blog and you write so vividly! I loved this post....and I could definitely go for some falafel right now....mmmm...