Saturday, June 20


I am currently a bum. Good? I say yes.

I found out that I don't start my job at TG until July 6th. At first I was a little bummed . . . I'm a big fan of making money. Bum-life, AKA doing whatever the heck I want, is my alternative. $2 a day for coffee, one tank of gas, my running shoes, and TIME. Time to be a bum. Like today. Woke up sleep deprived because I wanted to. Coffee, sneaked some of my dad's precious Whole Food's graham cracker cereal, and headed out the door to the Y. Saw LJ for the first time in 9 months. Made my day. For LJ, I would add an extra $5 to my daily budget to hang out with him on a Friday night. Sweated through one t-shirt. I know; gross. Home. Raided my fridge, literally tossing things into a pan as I came across them. Chicken, bell pepper, bean sprouts, green onion, peas, shredded broccoli, tomato, and cilantro. Weird? I say no. 

Now. Off to Puyallup to hang out with an old bud, spend my $2 on coffee, and try to break in some new boots I just got from Urban. UrbanXchange, that is. Went through my closets the other day and lugged down a couple bags of clothes. $70 of credit later, I'm a happy camper.

Tonight. Earning domestic points by making  lemon chiffon pie for my dad for Father's Day. Sweet? I say yes.

Note of the Day: Want to see "The Brother's Bloom" soon? Call me.

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