Tuesday, July 21

It's hot.

It's hot out. When doing any sort of physical activity outside in temperatures above 87, I die. I just walked to the post office and back; a 10 minute walk. By the time I got home, I was done. I was planning on walking to the mall later today. Um, no, probably not.

In other news, my sister bought me a dress yesterday for $1. Yes, one dollar. It's gray, hits just below the knee, and helps me get one step closer to becoming a greek goddess (Nike herself would have worn this dress). From Plato's Closet, by south center; alot cheaper than Buffalo. Another dress; another thrift store find added to my closet. I am content.

And yes. I saw HP last night with Joe. My first time watching an HP movie in the theatre.  I was impressed. They didn't pack too much into this one (like it seemed in The Order of the Phoenix) and didn't leave any essential elements out. By the end, I had fallen in love with the Weasely twins (I was not satisfied with their amount of film time though) and Snape all over again. I need to read books 6 & 7 again. I read them so quickly, I had forgotten much: the appearance of Greyback, the reason for the vanishing cabinets, Slughorn and the tampered memory, ect. It all came back . . . but I still need to read them again.

Note of the Day: An advantage of 85+ weather: I'm becoming tanner by the day. Thank you, sun.

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