Sunday, July 19


July is here. This equals an abundance of fresh fruit and freckles. I am become more and more tan (yes, TAN) by the week. And fruit is finding its way to our dining room table by the boxful. My dad brought home a 10 lb-ish box of apricots the other day. I spent the evening sorting through them and halving the good ones for the dehydrater. YUM. 

Finished my two-week long orientation at MultiCare this past week. Learned alot of stuff that was "review." Blood glucose checks, patient charting on Epic, infection control. This is what I give thousands of dollars to SPU to learn. But I didn't mind the review. I was getting paid . . . and it was indeed a "review." 

Experienced the evening shift for the first time. 1500-2330 is so completely different than 0700-1530. Much more chill. No PT, OT, and RT, less MDs and procedures, and lots of patients sleeping. This "chillness" equals good for me; a nurse tech floating between 16 different departments. Don't get me wrong, I welcome the opportunity to experience different areas. At the same time, it is extremely hard to really know what you're doing when you're on 6K (pediatric med/surg) on one day and then the CVICU (cardiovascular ICU) the next. I just pray for understanding RNs each shift. I almost wish my ID badge said: "Hello, I'm Erin Arkin. I'm a nursing student with only 30 weeks of clinical experience. I know all about total hip precautions, how to hook a patient up to a portable tele and SCDs, and how to give IMs and blood transfusions, but please don't ask me to put in a foley or IV on a coherent patient. I also most likely do not know where the soiled utility room is. Thank you." Alas, no. Instead I fumble my way through eight hours of a "learning experience."

Note of the Day: No, I haven't seen HP yet.

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  1. Erin dear! I miss you, and I think your a star and are the best nurse ever. And please go see will make you smile. Much love!