Monday, October 19


Retreat to Camp Casey was perfect. The rain stopped just as we pulled in. The day was spent by walking around the bunkers, eating pumpkin ice cream with my wonderful sophomores, rock/paper/scissor competitions with the broho, and capture the flag with glowsticks. More restful than I thought it was going to be. My floor is incredibly sweet, and I enjoy spending time with them.

Ate my final nectarine last night. It was hard for me to give up, but the season is over. It wasn't even good, but it was still a nectarine. Still a piece of heaven. Goodbye, necartines. Hello, pomegranites.

Ran the counterbalance hill last night. I've been recently trying to run hills. Since I've had to trim down my work out time drastically in the past three weeks, I am determined to utilize the time I do have. So, I run this mountain of a hill. Run up, walk down, run up, walk down. Tedious and painful, but my body is thanking me.

Wearing new chacos. Green, slip ons, and found on the clearance rack. The only pair, my perfect size. I put them on, and did not take them off. October weather does not matter, I have strong feet that hate to be enclosed in shoes. Thus chacos are perfect for me. A student came up to me in the pura vida line the other day and said, "Wow, wearing chacos with a dress. I like that. That's cool." Chacos are perfect. Why not wear them with anything? I do.

Went to bed last night very unhappy over the fact that tomorrow would be Monday. Monday means that I put on my running shoes and keep them on until Thursday at 2:30pm. Off I go.

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