Wednesday, October 14


I took a blogging hiatus. But, I do that often, so it's all ok. Much, much, much has gone on in my life in the past couple weeks; so here are just a highlights.


Recently went: New clinical sites. For the next 7 weeks, I'm at Seattle Children's on Tuesdays (1430-2230) and Garfield High School on Wednesdays (0730-1430). In just the past two weeks, I have seen things at Children's that have been almost too much for my compassionate heart. Empathy is my #2 strength (as far as strengths finder goes). I am completely and emotionally drained after 8 hours with extremely ill pediatric patients. But at the same time, I absolutely love it. Not so much as far as Garfield High School is concerned. Today, a 9th grader walked into the health center office asking for an HIV test. This teenager was quite certain that he needed to be tested ASAP. It's hard for me to be there. I feel extremely drawn to this crowd of very needy adolescents, but at the same time want to take each one by the shoulders, look them in the eyes, and help them sort out the issues and problems that can be seen on the many faces in the crowded hallways. But this is not an option for me; one person, one nursing student, one individual swimming in the hierarchical guidelines of the public school system.

Recently did: FUSION IV. My fourth and final fusion. I had forgotten how stressful this time of year is for me. For those of you who are non-SPUers, Fusion is a residence life backed event for all of the residential floors on campus. Each floor partcipates in a unity celebration in which a skit (of sorts) is done. Floor traditions follow. This year, I was outfitted in skinny jeans, heels, and a huge black sweatshirt. "So krispy," was our theme. 5th Emerson was indeed krispy ([adj] having fresh style and a unique swagger).

Recently read(ing): Cold Mountain. In the few minutes I have of actual downtime (i.e. breakfast on Mon/Thur/Sat), I've started reading this novel. Very interesting, and so very descriptive. However, if you're looking for dialogue, this book is not for you.

Recently watched: The Brother's Bloom. I finally watched this film (after fawning over it for the past 5 months). This was the first film I had seen directed by Rian Johnson. And, one of the several that I had seen with Adrien Brody. And, I was not disappointed. Do you judge me if I tell you that I almost melted in a few scenes? Please don't. I hate to be so shallow, but I can't for the life of me get over how completely wonderful Adrien is. Perfection. Back to the storyline, however. I was telling my mom what The Brother's Bloom was like. I described it as a film with a Wes Anderson feel but with 75% more of a plotline. As one of Anderson's #1 fans, I enjoyed Johnson's direction of the film. I would watch it again. I will watch it again.

Recently bought: STUFF. My mom came up to Seattle last Saturday to go to a tile festival out by Madison Park. I went with her and looked at booth after booth of extremely expensive and beautiful hand-crafted tile. We didn't find the perfect tile, so instead finished our afternoon out by stopping by the ave. My mom was a little out of her element at Buffaloa, but still bought me an uber long, warm, fuzzy black sweater. A perfect buy for $8. I also got some perfect black flats that are perfectly cute while still being perfectly comfortable. We also stopped at a little boutique called Pitaya. As a college student, I always pass this store by. But, as a college student shopping with her mother, I went in. I got possibly the most dramatic pair of earrings I've seen (that are still quite wearable). Joelle would be/will be very jealous. Our outing finished with a bowl of avogolemono at Costas. Perfection.

Recently realized: Senior year might be equivalent to the center of Dante's inferno. The homework and need for studying has literally tripled. I am finding myself continually scrambling to finish papers, projects, neverending reading, and much-needed studying. This is why my time for pleasurable reading is limited to the 20 minutes I have in gwinn at breakfast three days a week. More on this later. If I survive.

Recently thankful for: Emerson PA Staff 09-10. These 11 (9 PAs, 2 RLCs) people that I get to share life with this year are so completely life-giving. Spending two hours on with them on Monday evenings is not enough. I feel protective of them, want them to succeed if everything they do, and love them all so much. Highlights of my week are when I get to share time with them. Each individual is unique, some polar opposites than others, but it works so well.

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