Thursday, May 20

5th emerson love.

Thank you to the many beautiful ladies who put so much effort into making me feel so appreciated yesterday.

I woke up yesterday to streamers, pictures of my face blown up all over the wall, a boquet of flowers, cupcakes, brownies, sweet notes, and jelly bellies [a favorite] outside my door! So very, very sweet.

On my way to breakfast, I discovered that the sidewalks of SPU had been graffitied with messages, acronyms, and drawings for ME. I had a constant blush as I made my way throughout campus.

My day ended with my girls taking me out to Queen Sheba [a fabulous Ethiopian restaurant] on Capitol Hill for injera and gomen sans utensils. We inevitably found our way to Molly Moon's. Heaven equals salt licorice and salted caramel in a waffle cone.

Result: Food baby extreme and studying put off until after my usual bed time. Worth it? YES.

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