Sunday, May 9

Four things.

1) I love my mama. I loved spending time with her this weekend; going to see Babies, eating pizza at the Hub, and picking up spring rolls at Vien Dong.

2) I love sleeping. After a particularly sleep deprived week, I slept for 9 hours on Friday night, and then took a 2 hour nap on Saturday afternoon. I felt wobbly and almost hung over when I woke up. Almost too much sleep; beautiful though it was.

3) I love baseball/softball. And am proud of my intramural team, even though we're 1-3.

4) I love sitting in the sun, reading, and counting the freckles as they pop out.

5) I love the view from the 520 bridge; rain or shine. This morning though, it was particularly beautiful, sun-filled and all.

6) I love free haircuts. One of my residents gave me a coupon for a complimentary hair cut/style at 7 salon in Bellevue Square. I was completely out of my element, getting my head massaged and sipping on a free cappucino while wearing a black robe. I usually attempt at cutting my own hair over my sink. Seriously. It was nice though, I'll admit. I could get used to it.

Oops. That was six things. My bad.

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