Thursday, June 24


While I am working a bit in this interim period of life, I can't help but love being a bum. I'll work a day or evening shift every few days or so, and then the sweet bliss of taking naps, reading my stack of summer reading books, making soup, eating fro yo, vino in the backyard. walking around lakes. sitting in the sun. reading NCLEX study books [not as blissful as other noted activities]. walking to places instead of driving. kickboxing. long runs. reading blogs. catching happy hour with friends. eating nectarines. making joy journals. The list could be endless.

A side note; I ran down to UrbanXChange yesterday with three bagfuls of unwanted clothing. I sold almost all of it. It has been a good three years since I have actually spent money at that store. As soon as my credit slip dips below $10, it always somehow get's a helpful boost. Yes, I've recycled unwanted clothing that I've purchased, and have even returned pieces from Urban that I no longer want, but still don't feel as if I'm actually ever spending money at Urban. It is a beautiful and vicious cycle. I don't tend to find extraordinarily remarkable items at Urban, but do find some interesting things for myself or as gifts for others. Wading through the unique [but unneeded] jewelry and shoes that don't fit, I generally find dresses or scarves to purchase. Yesterday though, I found a plaid romper! I like rompers, and I generally like plaid things, but not together [aka both plaid and being a romper]. But, I brought it home and transformed it. It is now a type of shift dress and PERFECT.

Bedtime, bedtime, bedtime. Went up to Safeco for the M's/Cubbies game [an unfortunate 14 inning loss] and got too much sun; which makes for a sleepy Erin.

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