Tuesday, August 17

Tale of the broken half.

I woke up last Friday to an aching right shoulder. Once I got to kickboxing, it started to get worse and worse. Along with my bum right knee that I've been nursing since March, I had a bum 1/2 body. On Saturday, I had a horrible workout as I tried to nurse my poor shoulder. I made myself rest and ice on Sunday. Monday turned out to be horrible too. The pain started gravitating up to my neck. I went to the doc this evening after work. Apparently I have [an] overworked muscle[s]. I guess all the weight training finally caught up with me.

After my appointment, I went to the Y for essentially a "boot camp" class. Circuits, sprints. I restrained myself and sat out of the upper body weight training, trying to satisfy myself with lunges instead. At the end of class, we were split into groups of threes and did relay sprints across the gym for about 10 minutes. OUCH for my poor shoulder. I probably shouldn't have done those. Oof. So, starting today, I'm making myself take it easy. No more weights, crazy running, or [boo] kickboxing for the rest of the week at least.

Hopefully the tale of the broken half will be no more.

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