Saturday, September 18

cafe dei

Went to Cafe Dei for the first time with Sara this afternoon; a recently opened vegan coffeehouse. I liked the ambience... big, open tables, a comfy couch alongside windows overlooking 6th ave, a free books sections, & handmade jewelry for sale in a corner. They have a menu of house "specialty" drinks. I got a thai coffee; Sara went for the aciarone [sp?] garnished with a curl of orange peel. Good stuff all around.

Before my cafe dei afternoon, I stopped by the REI garage sale on my way home from the gym! I went around 11am, so the line wasn't as nearly as long as it was at opening. I went immediately to the shoe sections [of course], or should I say the dozens of cardboard boxes filled with shoes section. An amazing pair of $4 tevas that have an easy to fix ankle strap and a pair of classic vibrams soon found me! I found the vibrams in one of the "excess" bins of stuff people already sifted through. Black, a tiny bit big, but for 75% off the normal price... I was sold [pun intended].

I take advantage of the garage sales whenever I can. Besides getting $5 pairs of shoes and whatnot, my favorite thing to do is read the tags on the items itemizing what is "wrong" with the product. Such as "worn and washed, doesn't fit well." Too bad you didn't look in the mirror before you bought it. Or "stain won't come out." Ha. REI is really too generous with their return policy.

Finishing my rainy day off with my leftover homemade matzah ball soup. Really, not to be boastful, but my matzah balls [dumplings] are fluffy pieces of heaven. I decided to make them yesterday after a looooong day at Good Sam [fighting fair traffic]. I made them forgetting that yesterday was Yom Kippur. Quite fitting.

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