Sunday, October 17

autumn has always been my favorite

Because I love cold October mornings; waking up and looking out of the faux stained-glass window to my right and seeing the sun filter in through the fleur de lis on my curtains.

I love spending days [like today] walking besides streams, between barns, and on tree-lined gravel roads in the sunshine. I don't mind sipping spiced caramel apple cider afterwards either.

I love drinking cups of tea or french press on my days off, sequestered in sweatshirts and slippers and finishing my stack of summer reading.

I love the excitement of marathon season beginning, the anticipation of races to come, and the motivation of running groups up the UWT steps on a fall evening. I also love running past students on their way home with their laden backpacks, relishing in my current season of zero classwork.

I even love the name autumn itself and used to want to name a future daughter after my favorite season. Who knows... maybe someday,

Happy [beautiful October] Lord's day.

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