Friday, April 15

red curry coconut

Happy tax day! [I got my tax return 4 weeks ago.... whaaat?!]

Yesterday, I had a revelation. The world was illuminated for a few moments. Senses were amplified. I was making red curry coconut noodles. With cups of tea in hand, MM and I made a thai dish that could rival Orrappin on Queen Anne [my favorite Thai joint!]. Here's my list of ingredients:

Coconut oil, ginger, red curry paste, chicken, coconut milk, sweet chili sauce, onion, red pepper, broccoli, rice noodles, and cilantro. Essentially, put these ingredients in one pot in that order. You will not regret this decision. However, I realized I just gave away what could have been quite possibly my super secret recipe to have for the decades to come. Oh well.

After eating hot, delicious noodles, we went to Menchie's for guava tart frozen yogurt. The day could not have gotten better.

I got called in to work at 11p. So I ate these noodles cold at 3am. Just as good.

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