Wednesday, July 6

freckly, fireworky, fremonty, fourth & fifth.

My day of celebrating the US of A's birthday started with working until 7:30a. I didn't mind. Overtime is [almost] always good :) I slept a bit, but made myself crawl out from under my down comforter earlier than usual so that I could get outside in the beautiful Seattle sunshine. I saw most of Seattle on the Burke-Gilman during my usual bridges run. Running in sunshine = FRECKLES. I got home, packed my bag with BBQ necessities, and hopped on my cool collapsable boardwalk bike to a friend's house. The 5 minute bike wasn't enough, so after I dropped of my bag, I took my bike back out to the Burke, biked the short mile and a half between the Ballard and Fremont bridges. My friend's didn't mind. Biking in sunshine = FRECKLES. A beautiful dinner with friends, and then we headed to Fremont. The entire population of Seattle had moved from the Burke-Gilman to Gasworks park. It was an amazing site. Every square foot of that park was covered with bodies. Most of the group stayed for the fireworks show. I on the other was on people-overload. The thought of fighting my way out of Gasworks with the thousands of other people was not a happy one. So Karie and I walked back into the heart of Fremont, toasted America at the Red Door, walked back to her house, and finshed off her homemade nectarine cobbler while watching the very same firework show on her rooftop patio.

My fifth has been just as freckly. Since I was able to sleep during my usual working hours, I made myself get up in the morning. While I like working nights, I MISS, MISS, MISS my mornng runs. It was even more beautiful out than the day before. After I ran, I promptly showered, threw on a sundress, and walked out the door. I walked to Fremont, grabbed a groovy green smoothie, read by the canal, and then bought white nectarines from PCC. I discovered a new favorite! Mama Chia cherry lime juice/drink. A bit pricey, but absolutely amazing! The most delicious way to get my Omega-IIIs. The texture will blow your mind. I walked back to Queen Anne.... walking in sunshine = FRECKLES. Are you sensing a theme here? I wasn't as smart as I usually am though. I was sun hungry. Hour long runs in the sun, no big deal. Two hours spent sitting in the sun with sunscreen on only my face, big deal. My shoulders are a bigttoasty [read: WAY toasty]. I know better this. My red-headed head and pale skin knows better than this. Woops.

All this to say, my freckles are officially OUT. Happy summer!

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