Sunday, March 15


You spin my head . . . . what do I do?

The week ahead of me = stomach ulcers. My head, spinning. Finals. Trying to find time to keep running. Trying to remember to do crunches before bed. Drowning in a course I unfondly call "nursing everything." Respiratory system, endocrine system, millions of medications, cardiology, acid/base balances. bah.

And my head still spins. From you. What am I supposed to think?

Now: Stepping away from my 100 slide powerpoint on the endocrine system. Stepping away from a presentation on the ethical stipulations of apathy. Stepping away from a philosophical essay on faith and science. Going for a 45 minute break to sweat my troubles away. And then shower. Glorious, yes?

Stilling spinning . . .

Note of the Day: Jai ho.

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