Tuesday, March 31

march madness

I have not stopped smiling since my last blog post. I experienced one of the best spring breaks of my life; roadtripping down to Cali with 7 beautiful people. Never have I had such an enlightening time.

Perfect camaderie. Breaking in new chacos. Zero workouts. Zero sunburns. Breakfast at 10am.
Catch on the beach. Failed hot tub quests. Jumping into Lake Shasta in 82 degree weather. Bread bowls. Two dynamic Cali sunsets. Cuddling under shooting stars. Vitamin D. New freckles. Akon "Beautiful." Dancing around NCMOs. Head massages. PB&J "crepes" over a campfire.


Note of the Day: My SMC makes ridiculously good cookies.

1 comment:

  1. I'm am so glad that you were able to relax and enjoy yourself over break. For your next adventure I suggest lake hopping down the west coast. =) I'm also really excited to see you again!