Tuesday, August 11


Dilemma: I need to pick out a theme for my floor soon. The weeks are speeding by, and if you're like me (AKA someone who takes a long time in the creative process) then I need to start soon. Emerson is so different than Ashton. Easier to "theme" a floor in some ways, harder in others. I have $35 to make 35 door tags, and $45 for floor decs. Not much. I do not want to be cheesy. I refuse to be cheesy. I also want to be cheap. Last year I used newspaper, trash can lids, and spray paint. Cost me a whopping $7.

I've had some good ideas: (1) frames (credit to Joelle). This idea was nixed when I remembered that the amount of command strips it would take to hold up 35 frames would most likely take my entire budget (floor decorations love to fall off of walls [spoken from prior experience *ahem* trash can lids *ahem*]) (2) a CLUE theme. This could be interesting, but I have no idea how to pull it off without the "boardgame" feel that I would want to avoid. (3) Charlie Chaplin, bowler hats, mustache sillouettes, "silent film" theme. Still thinking about this one. (4) A "summit-base camp" theme. Just an excuse to use wear my chacos 24/7.

We'll see. I just might stick with the one idea that I've had since I've started this whole PA business a year and half ago. This I'll keep secret, in case I do in fact use it :)

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  1. I vote summit camp...that would be great! And I'm a little intrigued by your secret project...I secretly hope you choose that one ;-)