Monday, August 17

Today I'm grateful for.

- Long naps. I didn't get called into work today and therefore took full advantage by napping the late afternoon away.

- Almost dying from laughing so hard in kickboxing with Laura. Maybe it's the faces she makes. Maybe it's her right uppercut. I don't know. All I know is that she's awfully cute, and I can't help but laugh.

- Downtown Tacoma walks. Despite the many hundreds of times I've traipsed down Pacific Ave or Antique Row, I always see something beautiful and new. Today, the gorgeous hanging baskets on the many lamp posts caught my eye. Absolutely beautiful. Also, finding [new] old things. I bought neon yellow jellies and and a sparkly cocktail dress that seemingly came right out of 1974. All for $11.

- My sunroof.

- The [almost empty] bottle of lemon-honeybee conditioner I found in the bottom of my locker at the Y that made my curls fantastically springy today.

- Having the house, fridge, and stove to myself. Nectarines, chicken gyoza, garlic-broccoli, garbonzo beans, corn on the cob, and artichoke hearts. I am in my element. It's amazing how the jump from living off of an university cafeteria and residence hall microwave to coming to the Arkin kitchen turns me from college student to domestic goddess.

- Inspiration from cairns. I love pictures of them. I always wonder about the story behind them. I've chosen my floor theme off of some beautiful photographs of rock cairns.

 - Remembering to wear my glasses. Yes, it's about that time in my life where I should wear them alot more often that I do. The world [or at least the television, Pastor Rayburn's sermons (the pulpit is seeming to inch farther and farther away each Sunday), and baseball games] come to life.

- Psalm 34. My favorite Psalm. I come back to this chapter weekly and am continually encouraged and inspired.

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