Friday, August 14


Ever since I started running, I get highs and lows. What runner/athlete doesn't? I am currently recovering from a low. What gets me out of a low?: a new weight workout, a new race to train for, new shoes, ect. 2/3 of these happened and *voila*. Welcome to running/workout high August '09. 

With two halfs on my race calendar, and my tubes of nuun in hand, I'm set. I'm finding that it isn't always what I eat that affects me (don't get me wrong, it does), but how I'm hydrating myself that really plays out in my workouts. After running around 5J or sitting by a patient's bed for 8 hours and then working out OR working out and then working the evening shift, my body tells me how much it loves me according to its hydration status. Nuun is a lifesaver. Nuun was a "sponsor" for the crew team freshmen year. It was addicting, pure hydration, sugar-free, full of electrolytes, and free. I think it goes for around $12 per tube. Therefore, free is good. Tubes and tubes of nuun. I would drink nuun ALL THE TIME. My nuun of choice is tri-berry. Nuun is not an "energy drink." It is purely electrolytes; which equals maximum hydration without drinking litres and litres of water (which is perfect for rowers [especially lt. weights]).

Check nuun out . . .

The only downside. Each time I reach a running high, my what used to be a seemingly neverending nuun supply . . . is no longer neverending.

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  1. Erin Arkin!!! HI! HI! HI! I was looking at your profile and then realized it is YOU! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading more of yours! I must say I am in one of those running lows you mentioned. What are your upcoming races? I have Jock n Jill on the calendar for Labor Day and am serisously considering Seattle again...even though I vowed to myself I would NEVER do it again. Ha!

    Run Happy!