Tuesday, September 22

10 weeks.

10 weeks until 13.1. 10 weeks to fit in a 12 week training program. I usually start training 1-2 weeks late anyways, BUT I'm usually in more of a rested/routined state.

The past two weeks of PA training have not afforded me many days of rest or the luxury of a workout routine. The gym isn't open on weekends, and open from 0700 to 1700 on weekdays. With training all day, this gives me only an hour in the gym before I am forced to run to the shower. Not so, so bad; but after late nights, waking up before 0630 is a toughie. Quite a few days have passed without me on the pavement with my brooks. BUT, I'm trying, correction, making myself. Seattle hills in 10 weeks will not equal a happy two hours of running.

I have a little more than two weeks before I have to register. Hopefully, Erin the Runner will be back in an expedient state. [hopefully].

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  1. You can do it!!!! I know it is hard to juggle it all, but you can do it! And really? 10 weeks? Is that all we have? Ugh!!! I have been trying to get some hill work in but it is hard. Let me know if you are home on a weekend, we can hit up some longer runs!