Saturday, November 7

I smile when:

I watch QA come awake [this morning at 7:30am], as I systemtically peaked from textbook to street as I sit by a huge, rain-splattered window, the obligatory cup of coffee in my hand.

I run the burke-gilman trail with a beautiful soul, killing 5 miles and getting drenched in the process.

I play [learn how to play] cribbage with some beautiful souls; a heart shaped pancake/laundry party.

I find long gray sweaters at Buffaloa.

I take a nap with wet hair and wake up to perfect curls.

I discover a new WHOLE FOODS [!!] and study spot in Ballard.

I celebrate a beautiful soul's 21st birthday on the waterfront, with Seattle skyscrapers making us feel more posh that we actually are.

I have a perfect Saturday [like noted above].

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