Sunday, November 15

Weekend flying away.

My weekend flew away.

It started on Thursday night with Sara, painting Tacoma red. Aaron, the piano player, was the highlight.

Friday turned into kickboxing, change the oil in my car, shop with my madre day. A pair of beautiful new boots was the highlight. Before I headed back to Seattle, we stopped at the Matador in downtown Tacoma to take advantage of $5 blackened fish tacos. Duty and a lonely Emerson hall awaited me in Seattle. Scattegories and oatmeal cookies were the highlight. Possibly the most worst duty night I have ever experienced awaited me. A night filled with 4 hours of sleep was the highlight.

Saturday was PA fun day at the pacific science center. Started the morning studying pedes and running back and forth to gwinn with BJ. Frantically making 14 sack lunches was the highlight. Bussed to the science center. Izzy in the rocket ship and the MJ lazer show were the highlights. A paper and 10 minute nap awaited me back home. Dinner and frantic paper writing ensued. A quick trip down to Emerson Coffeehouse, a cup of coffee, and live music awaited me. More studying and a trip to Rach's and Crissy's for extreme game night. Losing at Clue on the love sac was the highlight.

9 hours of sleep later, Sunday awaited me. The afternoon was spent at Bustle with J.Taylor and N.Nobbs. Rocket muffins from Macrina's were smuggled in. Homemade syrups from Bustle were the highlight. Stuyding ensued. Then an evening with Nicholas; feeding him chicken noodle soup and reading Dr. Suess. Needed studying and paper snowflakes awaited me on 5th emerson. A needed shower occurred, and here I sit. My usual can of sparkling water is my highlight. I barely have a grasp on what I will be tested on tomorrow morning at 0830, but all I really care about is going to sleep.

My weekend flew away.

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