Tuesday, November 17

purell bath.

Today I had a 5:15a wake up call, was out of the door at 5:30a, and was walking into Children's at 5:52a. I shadowed a charge nurse for the day. Really, quite boring in some respects for me as the observer, as I watched her make countless phone calls; negotiating bed space and accepting in new admits. Not much for me to do. I did, however, have the privelege of going with the MDs, ARNPs, CN, and med students on neurosurgery rounds, general surgery rounds, and RN rounds. Extremely interesting. Was one time that I, as a nurse, was able to interact with MDs for more than 10 minutes at a time. And, walking around the surgical unit with two young med students wasn't bad either.

Needless to say, after rounds, going into room after room, following the CN to room after room, patient after patient, I was literally bathed in purell. Countless pumps of purell. Too many to count. Upwards of a hundred [at the very very minimum].

But, then again, it's better to have dry, antiseptic-smelling skin, than some of the other options :)

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