Thursday, February 18

Don't run under window washers.

The scenario:

Beautiful sunny Seattle Thursday. Had a 4-miler to do today, so I decided to run my normal bridges run (across the Ballard Bridge to the Fremont Bridge), but ventured off the Burke-Gilman to get an extra .5 mile. Was pacing at a good tempo, and noticed a bunch of water on the sidewalk about 50 meters in front of me. As I reached the spot, I looked up and noticed nothing. Looked down and WHOOSH. 10 gallons of water; everywhere. A little scream and I look up at a very scared window washer who had appeared out of no where. I kept going, not breaking my pace. Funny.

Anyways, back to the beautiful sunny Seattle Thursday. Beautiful! My windows are wide open; casi cielo in my cup. I'm trying to soak up as much natural light as I can. It's supposed to stay sunny and clear throughout the weekend, which is the perfect equation for my upcoming staff retreat in Anacortes this weekend. Mmmmmmm. My freckles are thanking me advance.

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