Thursday, February 25


Today I am grateful for:

- Blooming crocuses under the Ballard Bridge, I found during my usual bridges run. A little early for spring, but I don't mind. Like my dad always says, "You know it's spring when the forsythia blooms." Well, the forsythia has bloomed.

- Coloring pages with markers yesterday with clients at Fairfax. A self-soothing exercise that promotes focus. Indeed.

- Psalm 24, which I read last night before going to bed. But am still thinking about. Read it. Beautiful promises.

- Oatmeal. I could eat this everyday and be happy. Perhaps I'm more in love with what I put in my oatmeal though. Strawberries, almonds, brown sugar, PB&J, ect. It's not very often that I eat breakfast out in Seattle, but if I do, you'll find me testing oatmeal at various places. My favorites: Macrina and 5 Spot. Hands down.

- Blue sky. I went to sleep to pouring rain last night, but woke to a bird's egg blue sky.

- Running dates; happening in t-minus 41 minutes.

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