Thursday, February 11

A little bit overwhelmed, disturbed, tired.

First week at Fairfax Hospital on their acute wing. Seclusion rooms, darkness, hysterics -- evenings in a mental institution. I am learning alot just by sitting in the day room; observing; talking to the patients. I played checkers yesterday with a very talkative gentleman, and won. I tried not to, but couldn't quite help it. I can't imagine processing what I've seen; haven't been able to quite yet.

Tired too. Been feeling extra fatigued for the past two weeks. And have been having trouble falling asleep. I'm about to start a melatonin regimen once again. Running too much? But running so much that I'm eating everything in sight. Where is the balance. Stumbled out of my bed this morning on achy knees. I've always taken great pride in my strong knees. Not so much today. Am still on the fence about the Mercer Island 1/2. Not sure if I'll be ready, but on the other hand, what a wondrous 22nd birthday celebratory event.

But I'm drinking my coffee, thinking of when I can squeeze in a siesta, and am one hour away from my usual 4 mile muddy jaunt on the Burke-Gilman. Hopefully the bridges stay out of my way for 35 minutes.

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  1. Oh wow, working with mentally ill can be very draining and overwhelming. You have to find that balance you inquired about. You'll find it just keep focusing on you.

    I still think the MErcer Island half would be a great way to celbrate a bday! After all that day is my 31st birthday! Pretty cool that we share a birthday!

    hang in there!