Saturday, January 15


I can count on three fingers the number of times I've been sick since December 2009. I credit my yearly [required] flu shots to that fact. I work in hospitals, but hardly get sick. My daily purell baths also might have something to do with it.

But now..... sniffle. Not a cold, not the flu... an achy combination of the two, minus the temperature. The nurse in me almost wishes I did indeed have a temperature. I could then just picture the bad little bugs burning up and wasting away inside my body. But instead, I have spent my day laying on my bed/couch like a baby, hoping I'm not worse tomorrow. I'm usually able to go about my day when I'm not feeling so hot, but I've surrendered to the awfulness of this little bout. Headache [I never get headaches], continuous sneezing, a faucet for a nose, aching body. Boo. These past few weeks I do admit to running myself a bit thin. I was telling someone the other day about how I've never been so tired as I have been these past three months. In college, there were many a late night, with many a horrendous finals week. But, working as I have been with few days off, there are no time for naps, no chances to skip class, no instances in which procrastination could lead to some needed rest. It's work. Get up and go to work. No other option.

Anywho, tea, broth, some of my sister's hazelnut bread, sleeping for 13 hours, and seasons of ER have been my day. And tetris. I do admit to playing a bit of tetris.

Here's hoping I'm feeling better soon. I have the luxury of having 5 days off; the first of which I spent laying in my bed sick. I had great plans of working out, organizing, crafting, and baking. I was able to work out only twice this past week, which has made me grumpy. I'm hoping that I can hop on an elliptical at the very least tomorrow [possibly] or I will continue to be very grumpy. Not working out is in the top 5 of things on my "trigger card." Being hungry is another. I don't like having a faucet for a nose either... sniffle.

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