Sunday, January 23

st. louis thus far:

Excitement all around... everywhere I go, even the airport. Sitting by my gate in Seatac, I was scanning through the latest posts from the blogs I follow. Winner winner! I won a $25 gift certificate to Simple Thrift [] from one of my favorite blogs, Cakies []. Ready for some vintage shopping.

The flight was perfect. Thanks to an underbooked southwest flight, I had an entire row and an entire can of soda to myself.

St. Louis greeted me frigidly, snow piled high on the sides of the road. Joelle had dinner ready for me. I quickly got settled, and then we were off to a German pub with some of her seminary friends. Back to J's house for cups of tea and glasses of wine with more friends. While the age group of seminary students are quite a bit older than the age group of undergraduate students I've hung out with in years past [obviously], I couldn't help but be reminded of the egg-nog parties and get togethers I loved so much at SPU.

Church this morning was lovely, and then lunch with Joelle and Luke. A quick stop at Whole Foods for some groceries and beverages for Joelle's upcoming golden birthday party. And now some down-time until an evening of dancing.... yikes. Better rest up. More to come, and hopefully pictures.

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