Wednesday, September 2

This morning. Today. Tonight.

This morning as I left for kickboxing, cars were lined up outside of Whitman Elementary. School has started. September. To be 13 again and re-live my early September school days. Now I start school practically in October. No complaining from me though.

This morning I was greeted by an extremely familiar site. Nectarines lining the windowsill in our kitchen. My dad had again found some perfect nectarines right at the end of the season. Summer is still here. While I still eat nectartines at all times of the day; summer is still here. I literally have to stop myself at times throughout the day to make myself count the number of pieces of fruit I have eaten today. There is such as a thing as too much fruit (unfortunately). And today, a perfect necartine paired with plain greek yogurt . . . HEAVEN in a bowl.

This morning, I made myself run after kickboxing. I wrote about a running high a few posts back. Hah. A running low soon hit. I made myself, however, run a moderately paced 4 miles. It's not an option. With a tough 1/2 marathon course looming in front of me, I need to start picking it up. I felt great afterward. 4 more miles tomorrow, and we'll see where we're at. With 1/2 training, along with my new upper body weight workout, I'll hopefully be the ripped Erin I was hoping to be by the end of the summer by the end of November. We'll see.

Today my parents left me all alone to watch Felix pitch a gem of a game against the Angels in box seats. Only 4 tickets. They went with my aunt and uncle. Me, home alone. Determined to make lemonade out of lemons, I decided to use up the crazy amount of leftovers in our fridge. 2 hours later, I had turkey meatballs (gluten-free for laura: rice flour in lieu of bread crumbs) and black bean/rice patties with sesame seeds and yellow thai curry sauce. Topped with tomatoes from our garden, I was in curry heaven. The leftovers of my leftover creation will be my lunch tomorrow. Perfect.

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  1. You would be proud of me. I baked acorn squash the other day. Yum. :)