Monday, July 26


My car was loaded up with a sleeping bag, 4 NCLEX study books, one pair of jeans, 3 t-shirts, and 4 Jr. Highers before heading to Mt. Baker last Monday for Reformed Youth Ministries Camp. Beautiful sunshine, views... God's glorious creation awaited us.

My week consisted of waking up my cabin of 9 Sr. High girls in enough time for showers and make-up applications for them all [smile], breakfast, morning assembly, seminars [with me sitting on an outside deck under an umbrella studying], lunch, mega-rec [extreme recreation!... we're talking tug-of-war on a slip-n-slide], free time, evening assembly, small group discussions, campfires, and then attempting to fall asleep despite itching mosquito bites and giggling girls [again, smile].

I filled my free time with either burying my nose in my study books or hiking. Mt. Baker and the Nooksack River made for glorious hiking trails and views. Ventured out on what was deemed the "long" hike on Tuesday afternoon, but only made it approximately 2.5 miles in before heading back due to time constraints. Went again on Friday; 5 counselors and 3 campers, preparing to hike through dinner if necessary. Despite one fall off of a log into chest deep water at mile 3ish [yes, that would be me who fell], we arrived at the promised breathtaking view of the river and Mt. Baker foothills. Beautiful. The hike was approx 7.5 miles round-trip.

Our Thursday afternoon was spent in Bellingham on a scavenger hunt, or "quest for the granite gargoyle and golden cherub." While my girls didn't win, a scoop of cardamom ice cream was a happy ending.

The keynote speaker of RYM, E.C. Bell, a PCA pastor from Newburg, spoke on the sovereignty of God; a topic that literally "blossomed" before me as I went through the week. So many different aspects to this subject; suffering, power, wisdom, calling, dependence, and independence. As a small group leader, I was given a page of verses on the sovereignty of God. I "ate" up these verses throughout the week. Our final discussion on Friday night was on Rom 8 [one of my favorite chapters in Romans]. This chapter exemplifies the many aspects of Christ's sovereignty. This is a passage that I'm still re-reading and re-reading; and learning more and more.

The week was filled with fun times, challenging times, and enlightening times. I admit that it was hard to be fully engaged in the happenings of camp with my NCLEX study date looming over my head. I felt "angsty" all week. However, it was a good reminder and challenge for me to turn my thoughts and efforts not to myself [and to worry], but to others around me and the work that was before me.

Back home, I took a much needed shower, "calamined" my mosquito bites up, ate an enormous bowl of pho, and got 9 hours of sleep on Saturday night.

My goals for this week: KEEP RUNNING [despite a week long break] and kick some NCLEX *ahem* booty. The end.

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