Saturday, July 31

Loving this:

1] Shopping this morning for vegetables at the Proctor farmer's market. The prices aren't so expensive as you might think. A bag of spinach, green and yellow zucchinis, a bunch of bok choy, slicing cucumbers, a dozen ears of corn, some beautiful galas, and homegrown garlic. Paired with some rice noodles, the bok choy, spinach, garlic, an onion, shredded carrots, and a handful of snow peas made for the perfect lunch at home!

2] Passing the NCLEX last Tuesday. Missing my exit in Renton, fingerprints and vein scans, and 93 questions later: Erin Arkin, RN BSN! To date, the hardest exam I've ever sat for. Words cannot express how thankful I am to have passed it.

3] Running my 5th Seafair Torchlight 8k in downtown Seattle with Sara tonight. We started running it in 2006. Today we're hoping to revert back to the 2006 racing times [rather than the 2009 racing times; our slowest]. I think we're as prepared as we'll ever be, with Sara outfitted with "Go, Erin, Go" on her back and me with "Go, Sara, Go" on mine. I haven't run for 2.5 weeks. Oh well.

Michelob Ultra times in 2009.

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