Sunday, July 18

Since I've spent the last couple weeks secluded in coffee shop corners studying, I've bumped into some of the most interesting people. I've noticed something. Tacoma coffee shop frequenters are much more friendly than Seattle coffee shop frequenters. I'm not surprised. In Seattle, everybody is much too occupied in vying for the cool standard of sipping on fair-trade foamed coffee with their non-prescription eyeglasses perched on their noses than to hint at being courteous or even aware of other beings' presence.

Let me not go down that departing road, however. Today, a middle-aged man who asked to use one of my highlighters commented on the huge study books heaped on the table in front of me. He then asked me, "Do your parents support you? Do they give you a pat on the back and encouragement to succeed?" How ironic. For two reasons. First, I have been thinking on what a wonderful support I have in my family, specifically my parents [my sisters are wonderful too]. I assured the gentleman that I did, he replied with a "good" and went back to his iced mocha and classifieds. 3 minutes later, in walks in my smiling mother. Just to check up on me. She wanted to make sure her daughter wasn't slowly dying during this particular 6 hour study session. And, as adorable as it sounds, she wanted to make sure I was buying things so I wouldn't get "kicked out." [Note: this is coming from a baby boomer not quite aware of the universal coffee shop rule that one purchase buys you infinite time] Suffice to say, she didn't leave until a scone and another iced tea were sitting next to my flashcards.

All this to say, I do indeed have a wonderful support system. One that I praise God for.

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