Monday, March 7

Four things:

1) A wonderful, meaningful lesson at Greenlake Pres yesterday on the celebration of the Lord's day. When we remember to celebrate in this day, we allow ourselves to pursue grace, holiness, and delight in ways we otherwise could not. A beautiful, sunny Lord's day of resting.

2) I need one of those stupid little sleeping masks. No bones about it. 0-4 hours of sleep before 12.5 hr shifts just isn't cutting it anymore.

3) One pot will last the week. Just add rice. I could eat out of this pot forever. Curry: yellow, green, red; they're all good.

4) This morning at 0500, I was frantically totaling the I&Os of my three patients for the night and writing up their progress notes. We total our patients for the day early, so that the general surgery residents can round on them before presenting to their own attendings at 0700. I finished my notes. The gen surg resident grabbed one of my patient's chart and pulled out the progress note. A few minutes pass. "Who wrote this progress note?" "Oh, it was probably me," I said sheepishly, thinking I had made a horrendous error. "This is one of the best progress notes I've ever seen. You did all my work for me."

All in a 12.5 hour work night.

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