Tuesday, March 29


I got to spend the evening with this little bright-eyed boy on the left. 4 years old and too much energy for me. I started nannying him when he was 6 months old and could hardly sit up. Now he chatters like a chatterbox and is showing ME how to use my iPhone.

I also was lucky enough to experience one of the most beautiful days in Seattle I've seen yet. On my day off. Woke up to the sun shining through my blinds, caught a bus downtown, and walked back to Queen Anne, making stops at Trader Joes and Cafe Fiore. I ate brown rice sushi outside of Fiore on a lawn chair. With my sunglasses on. With a matcha green tea latte in my hand. I walked back to my apartment and immediately threw on my running shoes. 4 miles later, I had some new freckles. Good, good day.

I also had a wonderful weekend of birthday. I spent my real birthday (3/21) working and sleeping. I slept my birthday away; literally. But it's ok because the days leading up to it were spent eating cheesecake and dancing the night away with some wonderful old PA friends, visiting my family for a Sunday birthday lunch of the best chicken tacos you could dream of, and being surprised by some dear friends with dinner and flowers on Tuesday. It was truly a beautiful birthday weekend of sorts. And this third cute picture is of my sister, Laura. She works at a natural foods store and is as cute as a button.

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