Wednesday, September 2


I remembered that I didn't have a "tonight" section as part of my last blog post, even though the title deceptively alluded to one. SO. Here's tonight.

Tonight, I was upstairs, frantically going through my clothes; tossing out things I no longer wanted, stacking clothes to pack up for school. I was also trying on some of my old things (just to see if I wanted it anymore). A little black dress. Ok, yes, I want this. This is when I hear a male voice through my upstair's window. It was asking my neighbor if she knew the owner of the white van parked on the street. I kept hearing voices and then looked out one of our windows to see two police cars with lights flashing parked outside our house. Three police officers, flashlights out, were checking the van. Apparently my dad had forgotten to close the side door and it looked like someone had broken in. Police cars parked outside our house. My parents asleep. Three young police officers. I was needed.

I ran outside in my finery. Asked "Oh hello. Is there a problem?," in the most mature, young-lady voice I could muster. One bright flashlight in my face and a "Oh, good evening, ma'am." Suffice to say, I took care of the situation, bid the police officers good night, and returned indoors. Laura was in the living room, looking outside curiously. She mentioned the fact that she had not wanted to go out there. "Oh, they were super young," I told her. "Really? SHOOT," she said.

Baha. I win.


  1. This isn't exactly how Laura told the story...but to each her own. ;)

  2. Ha! But did you get a number??!? nice touch with the Little Black Dress!