Sunday, September 13


My first Sunday in the place I will call home for the next 9 months. I tried to sleep in today. My body needed it after a restless night at Warm Beach. It had other plans.

My window is open right now, and I can hear the cars zooming along Nickerson. This is the first difference I noticed from Ashton. Despite the frequent "zooming," the building is quiet. I can almost picture Kara, Amy, Jeff, Zach, Michael, Sarah, D.D., Lianna, and Jessica perhaps just rolling out of bed on their empty floors. Or maybe still sleeping peacefully, waiting for a later church service. Lynnea and Brian are most definitely up, getting their little families ready for the day. Our last Sunday of being completely alone. I love living on a residence hall floor and soaking up the community that it offers (reason number one for beginning my fourth year in a residence hall), but I also completely love the silence of the emptiness. Yes, a complete calm befor the storm (proverbially, of course).

Fremont awaits. I have just enough time for a trip to Peet's, a quick peruse of the Sunday Market, and a beautiful, sun-bathing walk back to campus.

Have a happy Lord's Day.

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  1. Go to church, woman.

    And you didn't think I read your blog. Love you.