Saturday, September 19

Faintly as tolls the evening chime, our voices keep tune and our oars keep time.

I live here. I live 1.14 minutes away from the place where this picture was taken. Taken at 9:15 in the morning; still early enough to spot singles and pairs gliding across the water. I could watch them all day. I envy their effortless form, something that evaded me throughout my year of rowing. Reason #1 as to why I was put in the "engine room/power house" seat of an eight. Form is not as important (still very important, really). With 7 others rowing in front and/or behind you, you could afford a small amount of slack in regard to rowing form. A completely different matter in a single, pair, or four. In a single or pair, it's just you and your ability as a rower that keeps you gliding on top of and not into the water.

Still beautiful. I miss it.

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  1. Wow! That is beautiful! Pretty awesome! I always wanted to try rowing but I am sure my form would absolutely drive us to the bottom of the sound.