Thursday, September 10


I very, very occasionally work in a toy store. Urban Kids Play on the top of QA, nestled in by El Diablo's outside courtyard. This morning, sun-streaked QA was breathtaking and UKP was bustling, with almost a dozen strollers parked outside. UKP is a beautiful store, full of "motion encouragment" toys, organic cotton swaddling cloths, and a plethora of shoes. You won't find batteries or motors here. Instead, the shelves are packed with sidewalk chalk, blocks, scooters, trikes, and Rody's (look them up). I am officially able to fit your child in adorable keens, rompers from See Kai Run (for the new walkers), and strappy Tevas (for the water-walking babies).

Today was storytime with Moonpaper Tent. Pirates, sea creatures, and mermaids ran around the store, looking for the glass sea orb that the tall, bearded wizard had mysteriously lost. While I was on the cash register/shoe fitting side of storytime today, I have spent several a Thursday morning watching Macy and Elly (the store owner's daughters whom I nanny) discover magical medow pumpkins. Did you know that if you take a bite of a medow pumpkin that you can fly just as fast as a medow fairy? You can.

Whenever I nanny Macy and Elly I am against reminded of the magic of action/motion. You won't find television, gameboys, digital toys, or sugar/meat/refined garbage, for the matter, in their house. They encourage active fun. Many park walks, playing "wizard of oz" in the basement (which involves alot of jumping on the bed), tea time at the TeaCup, and hours of book-reading. Snacks consist of fruit, smoothies, almonds, sunflower seeds, cashews, and cheese. Having grown up with a vegetarian (vegan for several years) in my family, I am at home in their house. I used to think that my sisters and I were the only elementary-aged kids around that made their own dried fruit, ate lentils weekly, and was introduced to the scary komboucha animal by thinking it was apple juice (Thanks, Daddy) before I met Macy, Elly, and soon-t0-be little Jax.

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